"Journeying to the rainbow's end is about allowing

yourself to be open to change..." 

Forrest Robert Stepnowski




I am a recently published writer and poet who hopes to help people discover their own voice, find empowerment, and discover they are not alone. 



"Chasing the Rainbow’s End" 
Once upon a time, as the tale goes 

There was a little boy, odd, but loving and nurturing

But scared by painful memories and living night terrors

I sit in the center, trapped by four walls

Going crazy to the confinement of my soul

Debating what is reality and what is fantasy

Closing my eyes to daydream my fears and tears away

Wanting to escape into yesteryear

Remembering it’s my past that tends to haunt me

Whatever happened to the fairytales that made our dreams come true?

And our desires become reality

But my childhood ended before my adulthood really began

I see the rainbow and its vivid colors that reach the heavens 

Wishing they would remain forever in the twilight of dusk

Like a midsummer night’s dream


Chasing the rainbow hoping to find the end

But it taunts me so
The end always escapes me


I come to and face reality and wake up from my daydreaming

Rediscovering the hurt and the bruises I thought I healed from years ago

Do I see the rainbows end within my grasp? 

I stand underneath the center of the rainbow

To the left I see my past and the journey of healing

Becoming a stronger man 
Still standing underneath the center of the rainbow’s peak


To the right I see hazy images, future events that have yet to become

I become frightened, like a child who constantly lives in the dark

Losing my breath over and over again

Why am I constantly afraid of the dark?

When the dark has been my home for so long 

I begin to shake off the haze like a lost boy in neverland 

Can I rise from the tattered puzzle pieces that were my life? 

Or do I constantly ride the rollercoaster of highs and lows

Chasing rainbows over and over again
Hoping to catch the unicorn so that my dreams will come true

Or is this just another delusion of make believe


What will I find at the rainbow’s end? 

Will there be a pot of gold or a leprechaun who will grant me a wish? 

When will I grow up from my land of make believe? 

The truth is always hard to swallow

Why do I constantly feel trapped under the rainbow? 

Am I suffocating or being forced to realize that the rainbow’s end is a myth

This is the rainbow of life 


Sometimes the colors are vivid and beautiful

Sometimes the colors are faded and dismal

My journey to the rainbow’s end is enduring… 

Never ending, never final, with pain comes healing

Empowered, Strengthened, Enlightened 

#RRBC Book of the Month Author Recipient January 2019


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What has #RRBC done for me?

In 2017, I took a chance and finally pursued publishing my first collection of poetic works entitled "Journey to a Rainbow's End." With the help from many friends and mentors my collection was published through independent publishing in the beginning of May 2018. With the encouragement of another indie-author, I joined a fabulous book club called Rave's Reviews Book Club (#RRBC on Twitter). In a short time, I have met so many wonderful writers, illustrators, and poets with major thanks to the support that RRBC provides many independent authors, like myself. But at the beginning of the year, I was honored and surprised by becoming one of RRBC's January Books of the Month!


It has been less than a year, and I have already received such great appraisal of my poetic works and writing style due to the great members and leadership of RRBC. The mentorship and guidance I have been provided in the short time goes far beyond learning how to get published, but it has inspired me to push further with my writing, as well as inspired me to continue promoting my first collection, which has taken off in ways I could never have imagined, with major thanks to RRBC. Words cannot simply share my gratitude for the support I received in the past 6 months, let alone the past couple of weeks. I have started receiving emails and messages from people all over the world who have read my book and asking me when I am publishing more. I am truly humbled.


My poetry and writing style are about helping others find their own voice in the world; helping escape the pain, or stereotypes that society has thrown at them. That is what the literary arts is about, and the fact that RRBC continues to encourage writers of all genre, caliber, age, or culture, just makes the writing community an even greater world to be a part of.


Thank you RRBC for making me one of your January 2019 Books of the Month! You may have not known this, but my birthday was the 13th and this was an amazing birthday surprise.

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