This collection is inspired by my lifetime journey in personal acceptance. It reflects my journey in being true to myself and finding my own personal voice in an effort to help others who may feel defeated or lost. I know others struggle with the same battle. This is a reflection of my own coming out story. In it I hope my readers find peace, self adoration, and self respect, while we share this journey together. "Journey to the Rainbow's End" captures the essence of "coming out" and coming of age as a gay male today, and over the past three decades, as well as, discusses the joys of love, the pain of heartbreak, surviving the darkness of suicide, and the self-discovery of finding one’s voice and place in society.

There is no such thing as poetic justice, just poetry in motion through our lifetime, no matter the joy or the pain. This is my first collection of poetic works and prose about my own personal journey through life. I believe my story is universal with others who have felt like a lost soul once or twice in their lifetime. 

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This short story is from the poetry anthology titled, "Journey to the Rainbow's End; A Drag Queen's Odyssey". Robert is a gay man trapped in a world of self-hate and religious convictions. He struggles throughout his life to come to terms with his sexuality and orientation. He feels like an utter misfit toy on an island where there are nothing but perfect Barbie and Ken Dolls. Robert reflects on his journey in being true to himself and finding his own personal voice in an effort to help others who may feel defeated or lost. Robert walks down the pathways of coming out and coming of age to become a functional adult who contributes to the world around him, reminding us that journeying to the rainbow’s end is about allowing yourself to be open to change, and, exploring everything that comes your way, with no regret, or hesitancy, and acknowledging that there is really never a real end to the rainbow, just a continuation of the journey called life.

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BOUND; The Lost Romanticism and Eroticism of Gay Men

Allow yourself to give in to your deepest fantasies, desires, and sensual dreams, BOUND is a collection of poetic works exploring the world of eroticism, romanticism, and fantasies of gay men of all ages. Walk through the mind inspired by fantasies, the hopes for romance, the desire to be swept off ones’ feet, and the longing to be touched through this anthology filled with lost romance and passionate memories. Escape into a world that allows you to be one with your desires, feel the heightened sensations and passion through random rendezvous and engagements.

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Coming Soon

Novel; "The Boy Who Couldn't Speak"

Coming out: January 2020

More projects that are in the works:

Poetic Collection;

"Memoirs of a Drag Mother" 2020


"Surviving My Own Madness" 2020

Collection of Short Stories:

"Dream Catchers"  2020

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