A Writer's Journey

A Writer's Journey; my struggles, tribulations, and accomplishments

Today, I find myself being pensive, living in the thoughts that I will never be good enough. I know many writers and poets go through this, but lately the past voices of doubt have haunted and taunted me.

No matter how much support one gets, sometimes the doubts create a road block to ones personal literary journey, or even the journey of life for that matter. I am not writing this about this tonight for wants of empathy or sympathy, but to merely start a conversation that usually is unspeakable in the literary world. This could be said for most artists. Let's evaluate, most artists and writers utilize their work, not only to let their art-forms or literary voice be heard by many, but to express themselves. Some, like myself, use their art-forms to heal from past traumatic experiences in their lives.

We all have a personal story, outside of the fictional and poetic. My personal story is what inspires my literary works. I have one collection of poetry published currently, which was published just about a year ago, "Journey to the Rainbow's End; A Drag Queen's Odyssey". I recently republished the short story from my collection a few days ago, titled, "MY Journey to the Rainbow's End". I am excited to announce my NEW poetry collection titled, "BOUND; The Lost Romanticism and Eroticism of Gay Men" will be out on Amazon June 5, 2019. I will post more information and pre-sale later this month.

Anyways, getting back to the point of this blog. In the past year since my first book came out, I have found a writing circle of amazingly supportive writers who have pushed me to become a better writer. The many writers of Rave Reviews Book Club #RRBC have not only become a literary support system for each other, but also a family. This kinship is highly important, especially in a world where we are putting our thoughts or imagination from pen to paper, allowing ourselves to become vulnerable to a world who will either love our work or hate it. Some writers give up and stop writing when things become negative, while others become more focused in sharing their work, becoming stronger writers.

I have learned so much in the past year about myself, my writing, and my passion. I have learned I truly do have a beautiful literary voice that apparently reaches all types of people. The art of being a survivor of trauma, is to process the pain and use the energy for something positive. I want to encourage any one who has ever wanted to pursue publishing, or any expression of art for that matter, place your fears aside and do it.

I currently have three book projects in the works, one I mentioned above already, one being another poetry and short story collection titled, "Memoirs of a Drag Mother", and the final one being a novel titles "The Boy who Couldn't Speak". While most of my literary work is based on the LGBT focus, it is also focused on life experiences. We all have the power to make the world a beautiful place, never be afraid to be part of the change. Many blessings to all and thank you for visiting.

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