Book Review- Initiation; "A Harem Boy's Saga" by Bernard Foong

Bernard takes you on a journey of a young man who grew up in an unconventional life. Young was afforded many opportunities in a culture that is quite alternative to our own western cultural mindsets. Many readers may have concerns about this story line, however, I found this book mesmerizing. The story line is written in a way that beautifully takes you to a place of growth, perseverance, and bravery. It is a different view of coming of age stories.

The climax of the story makes you want to read more of Young's journey, and explore into his adulthood. I have been reading the complete series of "A Harem Boy's Saga and I find myself attempting to understand the world Young lived in. The series pushes you into a place of true cultural dissonance. As a poet, I attempt to push the envelope to force my readers into engaging a world of empathy and compassion in what my themes are representing; Bernard accomplishes this in such a beautiful pace, that I found myself imagining I was there observing from the sidelines. The imagery, concepts, and plot are truly well visualized in this book and series as a whole. If you enjoy books that challenge you in your thoughts and morals, I recommend this series 1000%.

I rate this book 5-Stars

Initiation (A Harem Boy's Saga) by Young via @amazon

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