"In Today's News" by Forrest Robert Stepnowski, new poetic works

Newest poetic work...

"In today's news"

By Forrest Robert Stepnowski

In today's news

Hate continues to circulate

Our sisters and brothers

Slained on the streets

Staining the concrete red and black

The homophobes receive praise by the powers that be

Meanwhile mothers cry

And fathers die of broken hearts

In today's news

Our gender fluid and trans siblings beheaded

Neonazis praised for doing society a favor

Americans begin to live in fear again

Genocidal nightmares pounce upon the fallen

Are we not in the land of the free?

In today's news

We become hostile to our own

Our children cry for help

And our elders attacked for differing views

Happy anniversary stonewall pioneers

You are not forgotten

The youth just do not know any better

In today's news

Our youth need guidance and understanding

Elders scuff and relate the good old days

Presidential tyrades fill the airwaves

The new norm

Hate begets hate

Eye for an eye

When did we forget forgiveness is divine?

And acceptance truly comes from compromise




Or does it?

In today's news

I am filled with rage hearing my community is attacking itself

Society witnessing the fall of empires

No more are there conversations that inspire greatness

No more are we allowed to shed tears of grief for lot souls, murdered in the streets

No more are we allowed to hug one another when we hurt and bleed out internally

We are riding emotional rollercoasters

Failing one another constantly

In today's news

Elders become relics

Aged statues memorialize before we taken our last breath

Youth become frightened

Flittering butterflies awaiting to spread their wings with pride

But running away from the net that may entrap them

Putting them back into the closet for safe keeping

Safe from influencing others

As our society crumbles and multiple powers of all ages continue to deflect with dog and pony shows

In today's news

We are forced into segregated


Pointing fingers

Closing dialogue of wisdom or fresh ideas

United we stand, divided we fall?

Falling one by one by one

Until we are isolated








In today's news

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