Introducing Fellow #RRBC and RWISA Author Member; The Magical W.J. Scott

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

2018 (2019) WC&BE Sponsors Blog Hop

I have the honor of introducing you to an amazing family activity book...

"Fantasy Writing Prompts"

by the fabulous #RRBC & #RWISA 'Queen of fantasy,' author, W.J. Scott

About this book:

Created by award winning children's author, W.J. Scott, "Fantasy Writing Prompts" gives families and friends 31 writing prompts to ignite their imagination and create an environment of fun. Participants are encouraged to read the set up of each tale and fill in the rest of the story.

My overview:

W.J Scott is a well versed author of various styles from fantasy, children's books, and romance. I have had the chance to review this collection of prompts and set ups, and I plan on experimenting with my own writing style. What a great tool, as well as bounding opportunity to create fun and well as creativity in every ones family and friendship circle.

Well done W.J. I give this activity book a definite 5-Star simply for encouraging our youth and younger adults to capture the passion of writing in the first place. In a world that is technology focus, the literary world has completely changed around us. These types of books are important for the development of a well balanced imagination, creative spark, and intellectual growth.

I invite everyone to get to know the incredible W.J. Scott, pick up a copy of this writers prompt book, and also examine ALL of her genres of books:

Twitter: @WendyJayneScott




Check out "Fantasy Writing Prompts; 31 Activities for kids" Today!

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