Introducing Fellow #RRBC Author Member; The Amazing Karl Morgan

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I am proud to introduce to you all, an amazing book...

"2121: Twilight's Last Gleaming"

by amazing #RRBC fantasy author, Karl Morgan.

About this incredible book:

Is America’s future in the hands of a fourteen year-old boy? Jack Kennedy is growing up in a nation destroyed by a corrupt, uncaring government. While the elites live in splendor in their domed city centers, the masses live in squalor and poverty. Farmers struggle to survive in walled villages to protect themselves from the terrorists and gangbangers who ravage the countryside. The elderly are banished as there is no will or money to support them. The promise of our country has become a dystopian nightmare where life is hard and hope is an illusion. Until now, Jack’s life has been good. When his best friend ventures to the nearby Ottumwa Free City to look for his former coworkers, Jack hitches a ride and discovers our president’s horrific secret. The truth is revealed in the slaughterhouse, and their lives will ever been the same again. In this fast-paced action thriller, Jack and his friends and family must fight the most violent and terrifying forces of man and nature to stay alive. If they succeed, perhaps there is hope for all of us; if not, we are doomed and America will be forever lost.

My overview:

Karl Morgan takes fantasy stories to an entire new level. His imagery will take you to a place that places your political and analytical thoughts to a haunting world of disenchantment and hopelessness. As a social worker, I found his take on government corruption and social deviancy breath taking and frankly nerve rattling. I will admit "2121" got my blood boiling a bit. I found myself feeling argumentative with the characters of "2121." Without even trying, Karl took me to a place of social and cultural dissonance in such a way that I found myself being lost in the story as if I was a character myself. I never thought a fantasy book could take me on such an emotional journey. I rate this book a 5-Star rating, and look forward to reading much more of his series.

I invite you all to get to know Karl Morgan and

examine his literary genius in this incredible book.

Twitter: @karljmorgan



Check out "2121: Twilight's Last Gleaming"

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