Introducing the "TIGERMAN ON TOUR" Blog Tour! @TigerManGuest @4WillsPub DAY 4

Introducing the "TIGERMAN ON TOUR" Blog Tour! @TigerManGuest @4WillsPub 

About Colin Guest:

As an expat who worked in fifteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa, Colin Guest has lived a life most only dream. He started writing after his retirement and has had nine books published, with five made into Audiobooks.

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From the Colin's Desk:

Writing a book or novel can prove both time consuming and stressful. However, speaking for myself, I find it exciting and enjoyable. The thought of seeing a book I wrote for sale makes the effort spent worthwhile. Of course, as many authors, including myself, have found, it does not mean that you will see a return on your expenditure.

You may not think so, but writing a book is perhaps the easiest part. Getting it ready for publishing is an entirely different matter. Although it can prove expensive, you must be prepared to pay out to have your work professionally edited. The cost of doing so can vary considerably, but without a doubt, it is absolutely essential. There are several online editing programs that you can purchase that will help in editing your writing. However, despite using one, I recommend you pay an editor to go over your work. For sure, it will improve your chances of getting noticed by a publisher. A well-written query letter is another essential requirement needed to attract a publisher/agents attention. Unless it is prepared correctly, after a quick glance, it will most likely end up in the agents/publishers overflowing rubbish bin. You must remember that they receive thousands of query request every day. To get yours noticed, it must stand out from the crowd. There are many writing groups that you can join, where you can obtain a great deal of free information. I suggest you search Google or Facebook. If you are fortunate in obtaining an agent, make sure of what they are offering. Please note, under no circumstances should you pay an agent to work for you. Their fee is covered by whichever publishing company they obtain a contract for you. However, as like in most businesses, there are always people whose sole purpose is to cheat you out of your hard-earned money. Therefore, take care and check to see if the agent in question has a good track record. Again, there are online sites where you can do this. If possible, talk with authors who have successfully used the agent in question.

Beware of companies that offer to publish your book at a price. I paid to have my memoir published by one such company and came unstuck. On raising my objections to their proposed cost of the printed version, the lady I was dealing with said I could change this to a lower one. However, after signing the contract, I found it impossible to do so. As a result, after my contract with this company expired, I withdrew the printed book from sale.

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