New Poetic Works from New Book, "BOUND"- Poem titled: "I knew you"

My new poetry collection titled "Bound" will be out June 5, 2019, that is right only a few more weeks. Here is one of its poetic works.

I know you

I close my eyes and think about you,

The smiles you brought me,

The joy my life felt when you were in my arms,

Where did you go?

Why did you leave me alone on this earth to suffer in the eclipse of sorrow, anguish, torment?

I try to live my years in a world of contentment,

I am fatigued by the love that was,

It has vanished into thin air like a speck of dust,

Floating in the heavens,

No longer tangible,

No longer surrounding my aura,

Sometimes in the sunshine I can see it drift across the atmosphere,

Taunting me,

Berating me,

Haunting me,

But I still know you,

I still remember our first date

We ate dinner and strolled on the beach of Carlsbad,

Listening to the waves crash around the sands and rocky jetty,

I was still new in this world,

You were gentle, kind, seductive,

You smile glower brighter then the full moon lit sky,

Your eyes were as blue as the sea during the sunlit sky,

You were a magnificent specimen of androgyny,

Balanced both in personality and physicality,

Your kiss,

Was magical and radiated electricity,

The night on the beach,

We sent shockwaves across the sands and ocean,

More powerful than a lightning storm in the Midwest,

I remember every story you told,

I remember every act of kindness you gifted me,

Every word of encouragement you expressed to me,

I finally felt like a whole person,




I have never loved anyone that deeply until I met you,

The loss is unbearable,

I remember the day you left,

You kissed me goodnight before you left for work,

Five hours later,

I received the call that shattered me beyond repair,

You were taken from me,

The hospital was apologetic,

But cold in their discourse,

Our love was not quite accepted yet,

Your parents had not yet arrived,

Your parents,

So compassionate,

So caring,

The epitome of unconditional love,

When one hospital worker asked me to leave,

They became enraged,

“He is also our son, he stays”,

We all held each other,

The questions continued to come,

Why were you taken from me?

Why was your life devalued by others?

Why does the hospital blame the victim?

You were only going to work,

You were preyed upon,

Stalked like a rabbit by a pack of wolves,

Seven hungry beasts who felt they were given the right to destroy you,

Mutilate you,

Decapitate you,

All under the farce of God’s law,

One doesn’t society listen to the beckoning calls of the innocent,

Why is it hate is what leads to protection?

The loud minority has always been the tool of hatred, scorning, and revulsion,

Whatever happened to the revolution of hope, peace, and harmony?

Is tranquility a mockery?

I am still lost,

Your soul was stripped away,


So madly in love with you,

Mad as a hatter,

I still know you,

I can feel you around my room,

I visit you in my sleep,

Even in death,

You comfort me,

You bring my joy, comfort, happiness,

I know you.

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