New Poetic Works "You are enough" Forrest Robert Stepnowski

You are enough

By Forrest Robert Stepnowski


I am going to take us all to church

And I hope you are listening

Why do you ask?

You are enough

Yes you

Sitting on the steps there in the middle of the plaza crying inconsolably in your hands

You are enough

When the doubters plant the seed of self loathing and interpersonal hate

You are enough

When the world seems to be against you and they tell you that you have nothing to offer

You are enough

When you feel like the world is crashing down around you and there is nothing left in the world except that gun in your hand awaiting for its trigger to be pulled into your head

You are enough

When others take your heart, break it times ten to the point where there is nothing left and you feel no love anymore

You are enough

When you feel different constantly and do not fit in they way our heteronormative and ethnocentric society preaches constantly

You are enough

When you feel over powered by elected officials who nothing but tear you down over and over again with presidential flair

You are enough

When you feel alone in this world because the voices in your head are telling you that you are worthless, a nuisance, a bother

You are enough

When the overreached corrupt hand of "so called" justice tells you over and over again that you do not belong here and that you lack value in this country

You are enough


YOU are enough

You ARE enough

You are ENOUGH

And the rest of their ignorant words and nonsensical protests of white power or straight pride that cut you down like a sharp blade against a soft stone

They are not enough

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