"BOUND; The Lost Romanticism and Eroticism of Gay Man"

Best book I have read all year

Received it last on a Tuesday and read the entire book in one session. There are few books I feel everyone should own...this is one of them! Don't will want to read the latest book from 2019's most promising author in my opinion.

K. Cameron, Amazon Reviewer, 5/22/201 5-Stars

"Journey to the Rainbow's End"
A must read: Insight into the mind of a "gay"
"Journey to the Rainbow’s End: A Drag Queen’s Odyssey by Forrest Stepnowski is a brilliant anthology of blank verse and a short story that dwells on the hope of being accepted the way one is… “To be my own star.” It gives voice to all those persons of LGBTQ community, who slip into the abyss of self-loathing because of orthodox, judgmental society that spews hatred against them, declaring them “gay,” “immoral” and “abnormal.”

Each poem in this collection makes a poignant appeal to the society to understand the pain and ridicule that they have to undergo because of the apathetic attitude of the people around them, who push them into the closet, compelling them to face “The silent horror of being” and are forced to snub “the darkest secrets” but who crave for love to lead a normal life.

This is a distressing journey of emotional upheavals, a clarion call to find their own voice and light by breaking free from the shackles that threaten to suffocate them, by accepting that strength lies within. This book must be read by everybody as it contains profound words for those who look down upon other human beings."

Balroop Singh, Amazon, RRBC  2/23/2019 4-Stars

"Journey to the Rainbow's End"
Poetry that touched my heart
"I found his collection of poems to be deeply personal and quite intimate. Forrest speaks openly through his poetry about growing up gay, coming to terms with his sexuality and then discovering who he is as a gay man and as a person in general.

Being a drag queen adds color to Forrest and to his poems, much of which is shared with us on the pages of this book.

I think everyone can learn a little bit about life, love and the need/desire for acceptance. Even those who know nothing about his world might find, to their surprise, that it's not so different from theirs. We are all people, making our way in what is often a harsh and unforgiving world. I think that the more we are able to understand each other, the better it will be for all of us."

Rhani D'Chae, RRBC- Raters Not Haters Radio Show- Amazon Reviewer, 1/26/2019 5-Stars

"Journey to the Rainbow's End"

I think the breadth of emotion written into these pages will speak to a great many people

"Being a drag performer is different for every person, and while our lived experiences differ, I think the breadth of emotion written into these pages will speak to a great many people. This is the perfect gift for any drag performer or aspiring performer in your life."

Donald Stuker, Amazon Reviewer , 5/14/2018 5-Stars

"Journey to the Rainbow's End"
A Delightful Memoir
"A delightful autobiographical memoir that is both educational and heart-wrenching. From self-loathing to self-acceptance, the author came to terms with his sexuality with gusto. A book I would recommend to both teenagers and adults who are struggling with his/her sexual identity/identities. Author Forrest Robert Stepnowski captured the coming-out and coming-of-age essences to perfection in the contemporary world we inhabit today. Not only does this book empower those are already 'OUT", but it also assists individuals who are struggling to come to terms with their sexual orientation. A journey of uncertainties that many of the LGBTQIA population faces in our contemporary world. A must read!​"

Bernard Foong, Author, RRBC 2/2/2019 5-Stars

"Journey to the Rainbow's End"

Not just a book for the GLBT community but for EVERYONE!

"This is by far the most entertaining, poignant books I have ever read! This is not just a book for the GLBT community but for EVERYONE! Pick up a copy today!"

K. Cameron, Amazon Reviewer, 5/9/2018 5-Stars

"Journey to the Rainbow's End"
A Delightful Memoir
This was a very difficult story to read, especially the first part of poetic lamentations. I could feel the author’s pain throughout those laments.

From the very beginning, Robert knew that he was different from the other boys. He didn’t like what they liked, even girls. His religious upbringing confused him even more. His religious upbringing told him that being gay was a sin against God, and those who were should be considered deviants. He knew what he felt but he had to hide it. Hiding who he was pushed him to the edge.

A tragedy in his life, the death of a dear friend, forced him to rethink his life. He withdrew into himself even more, not until Andrew came into his life.

There are two book genres that I usually stir away from, Erotica and Gay stories for fear of their very explicit of sexual acts. I read this one and of course, I felt uncomfortable. I believe the author wrote a very liberating book

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, Author and Reviewer, RRBC 3/11/2019 4-Stars

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